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Our realizations

We are confident in our ability to find solutions to the parameters of the most ambitious design.

Part manufacturing and anodizing

Slime stairway

Aluminium kayak rack

Driving shaft

Pratical & resistant sledge

Steel pieces design & fabrication

15 feet piece on turning machine

Machinated piece

Part of precision

Parc bench

Lac-Megantic Marina

Aluminium ladder

Lac-Megantic bicycle support

Windmill pieces

Windmill pieces

Machinated piece

Convoyor belt design & manufacturing

Steel piece design & fabrication

15' piece on turning machine

15' piece on turning machine

Part of precison

Mobile lifting table

Brass & aluminium part of precision

Steel weld

Design & fabrication special guard

Aluminium stair & guard design & fabrication

Aluminium & pvc table

Stainless bookcase

Steel part

Steel stair & guard

Weld piece

Steel guard

Stair & guard

Aluminium ramp design & fabrication

Aluminium electric base

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* The final result can differ from a customer to another one.